We’re a top rated local brochures printing shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale. Brochures are a time tested way to get your message to the world and provide essential information which helps people through the process of making a decision to buy, donate, vote or attend whatever cause you are promoting.

The ideal brochure for your needs could come in many different sizes, shapes, designs and paper stocks, so choosing an experienced printing partner can help ensure you get the perfect finished product. We will seek to answer a few FAQs about our brochure printing services in this article, and if you have an upcoming print need we would love to help!


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What is brochure printing?

Brochures are typically folded cardstock paper which are used to display essential information for prospective clients. We have the proper equipment and a well-trained staff who can help ensure your next brochure printing process is a success. Our local shop prints everything on-site, so we can offer personalized assistance and quick turnaround times to best serve your needs.

What is our brochure printing process?

Our team understands your organization has an important message to educate people on, an ideal budget and a deadline to make in order for your brochure project to be considered a success, so the first thing we do is actively listen to and understand your needs. Once we know about your business and this project, we can assist with the design of your brochures or go straight to printing if you already have a file ready to go. From there, our team uses our state of the art machinery to print your brochures quickly, and we have a rigorous quality control process which ensures you have an ideal final product for distribution.

What are some things to consider before using our brochure printing service?

We can print brochures of different sizes and on different types of paper, so selecting your ideal medium is important. It’s also wise to make sure your brochure has all the necessary information included for a person to make a decision, and encourages people to respond positively. We can work with almost any deadline or budget, so if you can let us know those things up front we will do our best to work within your ideal parameters.

What is the typical turnaround time for brochure printing?

We can complete most brochure projects within one to two business days, with the option to provide same day service on many orders. The quantity, complexity and type of brochures being printed can all contribute to the turnaround time, but we are confident we can meet any reasonable deadline.

What file formats do you accept for brochure printing?

There are a few different formats we can work with for brochures, with the most common being PDF, Illustrator or Photoshop files. We can work with JPEGs or other image files, as long as the quality is high enough for printing. If you need assistance with brochure design or help creating the perfect print-ready file, our team of expert designers is standing by and ready to assist you.

If you have a need for brochures in the Bay Area, including the cities of Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, Hayward, Union City and Milpitas, give us a call or drop by our print shop today and we will be happy to help!