We’re a top rated local poster printing shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale. Posters are a tried and true method of getting the word out about an upcoming event, sale, or new business opening in town. Some of the most iconic advertisements of all time were posters for rock shows or sporting events, and whether you’re creating a fun and nostalgic poster for your band or want to promote your business’s next big product, we want to help. Our print shop is located right here in the Bay Area and we have been serving the needs of individuals and businesses alike for years. If you have any print needs, we would love to help.


3d Rendering. Spring sale banner with beautiful colorful flower. Can be used for template, banners, wallpaper, flyers, invitation, posters, brochure, voucher discount.


TROPHIES Custom Trophies & Plaques

From custom trophies for professional sports teams and youth league sports to custom plaques for for corporate recognition, employee achievements, and many other events and milestones, we can help with all your trophy and plaque needs. 

SIGNS Custom Signs & Graphics

From  brand new businesses looking for a complete sign and branding package to existing businesses looking for a new sign or complete rebrand, we can help with all your signage needs and questions.

What is poster printing?

Posters are generally printed on larger, thicker paper than standard documents and are designed to stand out among the crowd. Whether you have a classic old-school design or a colorful and modern masterpiece, we have the equipment and know-how to make a great-looking poster. We’re happy to work with any quantity needed, from small personal projects to large business campaigns. Our printing machines can handle even the largest posters, and our designers have the expertise to make sure your desired look comes through on the final product every time.

What are the different types of poster printing?

Depending on your end goal and the quantity needed, the method for poster printing can fall into one of three categories. The first category is offset printing, where an image is cast into a printing plate and then ink is transferred from the plate onto the poster paper. Offset printing produces a bright image and this method can be used for intricate print jobs. We also can use screen printing, where a design is inked to the paper one color at a time through stencils. Finally, digital printing with a computer and ink can be used for smaller quantities.

What are some benefits of using our poster printing services?

Since we print all our posters in-house, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or delays. This also means we can offer a very fast turnaround time and affordable prices for our poster printing services.

What is our poster printing process?

When printing posters, the first thing we do is determine which method will be best for the given project. Once selected, we ensure the print files are ready for use and checked for accuracy. The best part of printing in-house is the ability to quality check every item we make, so you never have to worry about uneven cuts or poor print quality on any poster.

What are some considerations of poster printing?

Poster printing can be economical and effective, but before moving forward you will want to consider the goal of your advertising campaign. Determine which style, colors and size your ideal poster will be, and if it’s the best method of spreading your message. Need help with a poster design? Our team of design experts can help your vision become a reality. If you’re looking to have posters printed in the East Bay Area,  including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale, give us a call or stop by today. We would be happy to help answer any questions you might have and get your perfect posters printed.