We’re a top rated local document printing shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale. Having a reliable and local printer who can get you important documents quickly can solve a lot of issues for business or individuals. Whether you have an important essay to turn in, a work presentation to get ready for a big meeting or need a contract printed for your signature, having a go-to print shop can be a lifesaver. Our print shop is based right here in the Bay Area, and we’re proud to have met the printing needs of students, businesspeople, teachers and everyone else in the area for several years. We offer quick, affordable and easy printing, and we would love to help with your document printing needs.


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TROPHIES Custom Trophies & Plaques

From custom trophies for professional sports teams and youth league sports to custom plaques for for corporate recognition, employee achievements, and many other events and milestones, we can help with all your trophy and plaque needs. 

SIGNS Custom Signs & Graphics

From  brand new businesses looking for a complete sign and branding package to existing businesses looking for a new sign or complete rebrand, we can help with all your signage needs and questions.

What is document printing?

While our print shop has a long list of capabilities, document printing is what most people think of when they’re searching for printing services. Whether you have a big project you have been planning for weeks, or you just got a call saying you need a document signed as soon as possible, we can print it for you. From simple one-page documents to blueprints on large paper to entire novels, we have your printing needs covered.

What are some things to consider before visiting a document printing shop?

We’re happy to offer more than simple plain paper printing. Before you visit the shop, determine what exactly you would like printed and either bring it in on a flash drive or some other type of removable storage device, or send it to our shop email and we can print from there. From there, all we need to know is what type of paper you would like to use, whether you want it front and back or not, and when you need it completed by.

What are some benefits of using our document printing services?

Using a local printer is convenient because it’s quick and affordable. We can print your documents in just a few minutes, and you never have to worry about our machines being out of ink or broken. It’s also very cheap to have your documents printed in our shop and most people save money printing with us as opposed to buying their own printer and cartridges upon cartridges of ink.

What is our document printing process?

With several printers in-house, we can print your documents with ease regardless of their size or paper type. We’re happy to print in color or black and white, and our printing process is easy for our customers. Just send us the file, tell us how many you would like and what paper type you prefer and we will get it printed quickly.

How do you prepare a document for printing?

We make it easy to print. You can send in a document to us by email, or share it via a service like Dropbox or Google Drive for printing, or store it on a flash drive or other removable media as a Word document or PDF and we can print it from there. We would be happy to be your go-to document printer. If you are in the greater East Bay Area, including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, or Sunnyvale, give us a call or stop by today.