We’re a top-rated local label printing shop in Fremont, CA. We also serve the greater East Bay Area including Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas or Sunnyvale. Pre-printed labels can save time, brand your company and/or add a sense of professionalism to letters or other items you will be sending out into the community. If you are in the market for new labels for you personally or for your business, our team of local pros can help.

We are happy to be the go-to shop for any printed item for many people in the Bay Area. We print almost anything, including documents, signs, banners, promo items, custom apparel and much more. In the sections to follow, we will focus on our label printing service and shed some light on how we can help print the ideal labels for your needs.


TROPHIES Custom Trophies & Plaques

From custom trophies for professional sports teams and youth league sports to custom plaques for for corporate recognition, employee achievements, and many other events and milestones, we can help with all your trophy and plaque needs. 

SIGNS Custom Signs & Graphics

From  brand new businesses looking for a complete sign and branding package to existing businesses looking for a new sign or complete rebrand, we can help with all your signage needs and questions.

What types of labels can you print?

When most people think of labels, their first thought generally goes to mailing labels which are used by individuals to send cards. While we can absolutely print these types of labels, our catalog is versatile and we have labels for any purpose. Some examples of labels we have created for local clients include labels for to-go orders at restaurants, custom water bottle labels, packaging labels for all sorts of products, temporary name tags and so much more. If you have a label need, we are confident we can handle it.

Can you help design my labels?

Many people have an idea of how they want their labels to look, but aren’t quite sure how to turn their idea into a tangible product they can use. If you can relate to this feeling, we’re here to help. It’s our goal to help with every step of the label printing process, and we employ a team of experienced designers who can help turn your vision into a reality. We have helped many people with design needs and we are confident we can create a label idea you will love.

How quickly will my labels be ready?

We have the right equipment and expertise to print anything a customer orders right here in our Bay Area shop. This means our turnaround times are almost always the best option for our clients, and we pride ourselves on helping our customers meet their deadlines whenever possible. Your turnaround time can vary based on the size of your project and if you need design assistance, but for clients who send print-ready files we can usually have them done on the same day they are ordered.

Why should I have my labels printed locally?

On top of the benefits of design assistance, fast turnaround time and endless options we have already discussed, ordering labels locally is almost always the most economical option as well. Our machines are efficient and reliable, and since we don’t have to ship items we can pass these savings on to our clients.

We are happy to serve the print needs of people all over the Bay Area, including the cities of Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, Hayward, Union City and Milpitas. If you’re in need of labels or any other printed item, give us a call or stop by today to learn more about how we can help.