Clearly and Professionally Identify Team Members

In any forward facing organization, professionalism is key. No matter your industry, clearly identifying your team members instills confidence in your clients and is even a requirement in many cases. If you are searching for the best way to identify your people, seeking the assistance of an experienced printing partner is a great first step.

We are proud to be the go-to source for all things printing in the Bay Area for many individuals and businesses. With state of the art equipment and an experienced staff, we can handle all types of printing needs including document printing, signs, banners, promotional items, apparel and much more.

Many of our business clients have turned to us to help them with their staff identification needs, and we would be happy to create name tags and/or name badges for your team members as well. Below you will find a few unique aspects of our business which make us the ideal partner for your identification projects.

Customized to Your Company’s Needs

Name badges can take on different sizes, shapes and purposes depending on the nature of any client’s business. We have worked with many Bay Area businesses to create the ideal solution for their identification needs. Our team of designers are a great ally for our clients. We can listen to your goals and create options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a clip-on badge with an employee picture, a professional name tag with magnetic fastener or any other solution, we have you covered.

Service for Any Size Company

Some people think their business is too small to have a custom product, but we can create as few as one name badge if needed. Conversely, we have printed thousands of identification badges for large companies in the past. No matter your quantity, we seek to provide a quality product which is perfect for your needs.

Local Business Advantage

There are many advantages our clients enjoy because we are a local company. Everything we print is done at our shop right here in the East Bay. This means our turnaround time is unbeatable, and depending on the project and quantity we can typically have your project done on the same day you order it. In addition, we don’t have to charge high shipping fees and can pass those savings on to our clients. We also have friendly people on site who you can consult with and get updates on your order from easily.

Help Every Step of the Way

We want to assist you from start to finish, and it’s our goal to create lasting partnerships with any new client we bring in. We are confident we can design, print and deliver the ideal solution for your unique business needs.

We would love to help with your company’s name badge needs, and any other printing projects you might take on. To learn more about our services, check us out online, give us a call or stop by today.