Whether you’re promoting a big sale, advertising a concert or party, sharing information about a cause or just wanting to get your message out there, fliers are a tried and true way to raise awareness.

Fliers come in a variety of shapes, colors and types, and our print shop based in the East Bay Area has many years experience printing fliers and other specialized items for individuals in Milpitas, Fremont, San Jose, Sunnyvale and the entire area.

If you’re promoting an event, business or cause, printing fliers can help you attract more people and we want to be your trusted print partner. In the sections to follow, we will detail a few key benefits to having your fliers printed locally and how we can help your cause succeed.

Local Expertise on Your Side

We have the right equipment and staff members to help any print project go off without a hitch, and we help our clients from start to finish to ensure their final product looks its best. While many people have big ideas for their flier projects, not everyone has the design skills or the right computer programs to create a great looking print ready file. Since this is the case, our team can work with you to design a flier to meet your needs and catch the eye of your target audience. 

Custom Flyer Options Available

When you try to print a flier online or at a big retailer, you’re likely boxed in to whatever size and paper stock they have available and you don’t have much of an opportunity to put your own feel on a project. Since we’re a full service print shop, we create custom fliers for our clients and this means you can select a paper stock, thickness and type of flier to best suit your needs. We can help if you want something small to hand out to hundreds of people, if you’re looking for a larger flier to put on posts and cork boards or even if you want an option with pull tabs with your contact information included, we have you covered. We also have the ability to create you a small stack of perfect fliers or hundreds, and we will ensure your finished product is perfect no matter the quantity you order.

Fast Turnaround and Great Quality

We print everything in our local facility, which provides some great benefits to our clients. Since your fliers never leave our shop and we have state of the art printers, we can get right to work on them as soon as they are ordered and unless you need a massive quantity or order them late in the day, we can usually have them done on the same day the order is placed. In addition to a quick turnaround, printing everything in house allows our team to check the quality of the fliers to ensure there are no print errors or bad cuts in the batch, which sets us apart from big vendors or online providers. If you have any flier needs, check out our website or give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.