When people hear we’re a “print shop” they often go straight to visions of warm copier paper sliding out of a big office machine, but we’re happy to offer much more.

Our facility is located in the East Bay Area and we’re happy to serve the print needs of individuals and businesses in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, and the surrounding areas. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few unique materials we can print on to give you a better idea of the services we offer and how we can potentially help you reach your goals!

Custom Paper Stock

The most obvious material we print on is paper, but it doesn’t have to be boring white copy paper. Our equipment allows for printing on different thicknesses, and paper types, and even for embossing, which can really take your project to the next level.

Depending on your project, choosing a unique paper stock can set you apart from the competition and make your print product a memorable one.


Printing on vinyl gives you endless options and it’s a versatile material with several uses. Thicker vinyl with grommets can be used for large banners or outdoor signs, and the material can support printing with vibrant colors and detail.

Vinyl can also be thin and adhesive on the back side, which gives you the ability to create window decals, wall murals, and even vehicle wraps. 

Branded Items

This category will encompass several print mediums, but we can brand almost anything to match the needs of your marketing plan.

For trade shows, we can print custom retractable banners, tents, displays, foam boards, and more to elevate your booth and catch the eye of potential clients.

We also work with businesses of all types to create promo items, which can include drinkware, tech items like chargers and speakers, personal accessories like bags, and much more. If you think you can advance your brand with a giveaway, we can make it look professional and make your logo stand out.


Our print shop offers embroidery plus screen or digital printing. Using one of these methods, we can print on t-shirts, hats, bags, robes, and any type of apparel. We have the ability to brand entire lines of apparel for companies to provide to their staff members or to customize one item of clothing for an individual or anything in between.


In addition to the other services mentioned above, we also offer custom engraving to put your logo, message, or serial number on all types of metals.

We have engraved personal items like jewelry or awards for individuals and taken on projects like creating metal plates with serial numbers for large companies. With our state-of-the-art engraving equipment, we can handle something as simple as a block font or ornate as an intricate design to meet our clients’ needs.

As you can see, our print shop can handle almost any need you might have to brand or personalize an item, even on unique materials. Please contact us for your next print project, we would be happy to help!