Having business cards printed locally can save time and money, and allows you to have a fully-customized option rather than a cookie-cutter card from an online service. 

Business cards are an integral part of creating a great first impression in a professional setting, and we specialize in cards designed to match your company’s branding and the services or products you offer the community.

Our print center is proud to be based in the Bay Area, and we can solve any printing need for an individual or business. We offer more than just printing, with a large catalog of products including signs, apparel, awards, large-scale prints and more.

When it comes to business cards, there are many services out there that offer online ordering and shipping directly to consumers. Their seemingly low prices bring in some customers, but there are distinct advantages to ordering business cards from a local printer.

First, when you order locally your cards are ready in as few as one business day and there is no shipping charge. Ordering online can mean excessive delays and even if “free” shipping is offered, the cost is factored into the price. Many clients who price our business card services find after shipping it’s cheaper to have them made locally.

On top of being cost-effective, printing locally guarantees a great product. Because our cards are printed right here in our shop in the Bay Area, we have complete quality control over every card we make. 

This means if there are any errors in printing they will be found and corrected before the final product is delivered. Clients who have used other services in the past report mis-cut cards or printing errors which you won’t find in cards we print.

Additionally, using a local printer allows for complete customization of your business cards. Instead of being forced to use a template and a few simple paper stocks, we can print cards in any color, paper weight and have the ability to emboss cards for an instantly recognizable look and feel. 

Many clients prefer to use our printing services because we are a full-service provider. This means we employ a team of professional and talented graphic designers who can help make sure the final product looks perfect, and can help take your ideas and turn them into the perfect design.

Our design team has even helped businesses form their entire branding portfolio, and we are happy to offer our design services to all clients. We can do just business cards, or we can form an entire catalog of branding for your business including fliers, apparel, signs and more.

If you have a need for business cards in Fremont or the surrounding areas, we would love to be your printing partner. We can work with any design ideas you have and can make our cards fit in any budget. Let us help you make a great first impression, give us a call today!